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Yogini of the North (Louise Stott)

We put your questions to the wonderful Louise aka Yogini of the North on all things yoga, and how she incorporates energy healing and the Lunar Cycles into her teachings and practice.

How long have you been practicing yoga?

I tried yoga a few times in my 20’s but only really committed to a regular practice just after my son was born in 2014, so almost nine years ago! I started at home and eventually plucked up the courage to go to a class and never looked back. I completed my training in 2017.

Please walk me through how you typically lead a session.

Sessions differ depending on loads of different factors. I’m huge on the lunar cycle and this often affects my mood and the way I teach; my own cycle and body needs, selfishly come into it. I don’t plan a session, I normally have a general idea of the type of session I want to teach, then the structure is usually always warm up, flow and cool down with lots of core peppered in. I like a lot of strength building postures, a bit of a breath lead flow and restorative to finish.

Where does your passion for yoga stem from?

My passion stems from the help yoga has given me over the years. I guess I’m a bit of a flighty person and rarely stick to anything 😆 but once I’d committed to a regular practice at a super tough time of my life, there was no turning back. The fact that you can spend as little as 5 mins or up to 2 hours and still feel amazing after is so wonderful and I love how it is such a positive experience for both mental and physical health.

Do you view yoga as more mental or physical?

For me, yoga is a combination of both physical and mental. YOU are in charge of what you want out of it. There are so many amazing teachers out there, there really is something for everybody. When I began yoga it was a physical outlet and after a fair few months of consistent practice I noticed the positive impact it was having on me emotionally, and that was probably the light bulb moment.

I always feel nervous to join classes, how can I overcome that?

Joining a yoga class can be REALLY intimidating. I felt the same all those years ago. But I can assure you it shouldn’t be. The preconception that all yogis are young, thin, and bendy is a total myth. At Hotpod Sunderland where I teach, we are just a group of humans - male, female, young, not so young, body shapes galore. It’s one of the friendliest places I’ve ever practiced, and I fully recommend coming down for a taster and tell us how nervous you are! We’ll look after you. Also, try a bit of YouTube at home, that’s where most people start, and it gives you a little bit of confidence.


What do you most enjoy about teaching? 

I am a huge empath, and it’s important to me that people in my classes feel good when they leave. And that’s what I love the most. I love connecting with people and making them feel good about themselves and sharing something that I’m so passionate about. It really is an absolute privilege


When you go to a class, how would you describe your ideal instructor/teacher?

When I go to a class I am all about energy. Often it doesn’t matter what the content of the class contains, whether it’s chilled or dynamic, it’s about the smells, the music, the ambience and how the teacher makes everyone feel. It’s like anything in life. You’ll try a class / teacher and not feel much, and be underwhelmed, yet you visit another class with the exact same content, yet you walk in, instantly connect and leave feeling magical. It’s worth trying a few teachers and venues before you feel that connection.

What styles of yoga do you teach?

I trained in vinyasa flow originally and that’s what I mainly teach at Hotpod. When I do workshops, I tend to teach a split session so the second half is all restorative and I must admit I absolutely adore teaching these types of classes and fully intend to teach more of these sessions in the future.

How do you use crystals in your classes?

I tend to keep my specific crystal-based classes for my workshops, but crystals can be brought to ANY session you like. You can use them in savasana (relaxation) on your body or in your hand. Or just have them beside or on your mat to help you get whatever it is you want out of your yoga session. Crystals are always welcome, and one of the things I am passionate about with spirituality, is that’s it’s entirely personal. There is never a right or wrong, it’s entirely up to you to use your crystals in any way you like. Before I gave up wearing a bra I often had crystals shoved in there 😆. And in my home they’re sprinkled everywhere, and my kids often sleep with them under their pillow.


I love your workshops around the Lunar cycles, what goes into creating such beautiful sessions and will they be coming back?

Ahhh thank you so much, my workshops are my absolute favourite sessions to deliver as they combine all of my favourite things - crystals, yoga, lunar cycle, meditation, and witchy ritual. I’m 100% going to be running them more often and regularly once the slog of the 6 weeks holidays is over and we’re all ready for some routine again.

Catch Lousie teaching at Hotpod Yoga Sunderland and on her instagram @yogini_of_the_north for all of her latest news and info.

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