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The Professional Widow is opening the doors of her Portal to cater to your magical needs

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Lol, otherwise known as the Professional Widow at her Portal, based at the Eagle Building in Sunderland City Centre. To say it is a magical place is an understatement. I could have spent hours soaking in the energy of the top-quality crystals on offer.


Lol offers an extremely personal experience with appointment-based entry. I was able to explore and truly feel the energy and connection to the stones before a collection of them chose me to be their new owner. As well as crystals, The Portal offers a wide range of Tarot, Oracle cards, books and other products.


We had a beautiful open and honest conversation, Lol genuinely makes you feel comfortable and relaxed in her company.



So briefly, sum up The Professional Widow?


TPW is ever evolving. She began with a trunk full of crystals in my bedroom. Now she operates from a studio space filled with crystals, ritual aids, decks, books, and other esoteric items. Over the last 18 months, I have also become a qualified holistic therapist and offer Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candling, Holistic Facials, Crystal Healing and Reiki. It has been a wild ride!


Tell me how you got into the world of alternative therapies/holistic living.


Crystals and fossils have always intrigued me ever since I was a dinosaur-obsessed kid. I got into witchcraft when I was a teenager (it was the nineties, and The Craft was out at the time) but I kind of grew out of it in my twenties and then about 10 years ago I started picking up the occasional crystal here and there again.


Lockdown hit me hard like it did a lot of people. Depression and suicidal thoughts forced me to be off work for six months and this is when the Widow was born. I was on medication and my brain felt like mush so developing the brand, the graphics, coding the website, photography etc. gave me an outlet where I could do as much or as little as my energy and focus dictated, anything to keep my brain ticking and be creative. Since then, I have been on a constant mission to develop my own spiritual practice, well-being and knowledge and I do not see that ever changing.


What do you enjoy the most about what you do?


I am always fascinated watching people's facial features soften and relax during treatments, bonus points if they fall asleep. I’m very honoured that people trust me enough to let their guard down so much. It’s very humbling.


I love it when friends buy each other their first Tarot deck from me, and kids tell me about their favourite stones in Minecraft.


And the least if there is one?


Not having enough time or the resources to do everything I want to.


Doing markets makes me anxious, and crystals are heavy and fragile, so I find them stressful. It is exhausting.


Finally, I dislike gatekeepers and people who diss other people's beliefs. I would probably describe myself as a pagan and my husband is Christian. This sometimes raises some eyebrows, but at the end of the day, it is all about showing respect for one another. It is not the 1600s anymore.


What do you think are the main misconceptions around a holistic/alternative/ magical way of living or working with alternative therapies/rituals/magics.


Not everything is love and light. There is a shadow element to everything we do. It is about doing your homework, asking questions, and making informed decisions. Do not base your practice purely on what you see on social media or what others offer or say.


What do you think are the main qualities needed to work in this field?


Authenticity, boundaries, and empathy are my holy trinity. I love helping people and guiding them on their journey.


Being there and listening to clients is huge and I try to be as present as much as I can as I really want to make a positive difference.


Looking after myself is important though. If my head/heart is not in it, I will take time off. I would never intentionally offer a substandard service or sell something I would not want/use myself. Energy is very transparent, and I will never sell/burn out for the sake of a few quid.


What have been the main benefits brought to your life after creating the Professional Widow?


100% the people I’ve met. I’ve met so many amazing people who I now consider friends. There is a lovely community of people out there and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing so many people out there want to make the world a better place.


Your favourite treatment, class, or therapy to attend/receive when it is your turn to relax?


I love sound baths, lying there wrapped up in blankets whilst the sound waves work their magic is insane. I attended one once and I swore I fell asleep, but my Fitbit said otherwise and still to this day have no idea where I went that hour.


To be honest I celebrate any treatment, ceremony, or workshop that I can attend. It is recognition that you are taking time out and that is a great gift to give to yourself.


Where do you see yourself in 3 years’ time?


Making a living would be nice hahaha. Every single penny I have earned over the last few years has been reinvested, be it in stock or education. I would not change it for the world though. Watching the Widow continuously evolve is something of which I am really proud. I am just excited to see where this journey goes.


Describe what a typical day looks like for you right now?


Normally I will wake up around 8-8:30 am and the first thing I am allowed to do is feed the cats. Once they are happy I normally make myself a coffee and pull my card of the day. Currently, I am trying to become better at reading tarot, so I normally pull a card, sit with it for a few moments, jot down my interpretation and then I will read up on it. After that, I will organise myself/plan my day/check emails etc. and crack on.


I do not have a regular spiritual schedule if I am honest. Some days it will be wearing a talisman, dousing myself in Florida Water or just shoving a crystal in my bra, other days I may dive a little deeper. It is never forced, some days I will do nothing, other days it will be full-on, and everything will be a ritual with meaning and purpose.



The Portal’s first event will be on the Winter Solstice with myself and Shannon Pearl. Further details will be available soon.


Shopping at The Portal is on an appointment-only basis, and you can book this alongside any treatments via my website:


Catch more from the Professional Widow and the Portal @theprofessionalwidow across social media platforms.

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