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Nicola in Nature
Formerly Ataraxy Holistic Nicola Tippins is on a new adventure

Formerly Ataraxy Holistic, Nicola in Nature is the creation of Nicola Tippins. I have been lucky enough to receive multiple sessions with Nicola in the past and I always describe her as the real deal. Nicola embodies living holistically. She practises what she preaches and that shines through in her sessions and the way she can connect with her clients.

A gifted holistic therapist Nicola's treatmments are deep rooted in nature and currently Nicola is on another adventure driving through Europe in her camper van.

I was lucky to connect with Nicola and find out what shes up to.

So briefly, sum up Nicola in Nature, the shift from Ataraxy Holistic and the direction you are now heading?

My new vision for Nicola in Nature is focused on the healing benefits of Mother Nature, whether it is simply being surrounded by nature, plant medicines or herbalism. I want to focus on ayurvedic medicine to help balance the mind, body, and soul.

Tell me how you got into the world of alternative therapies and holistic living?

When I was a student Nurse, I attended a placement at a local hospice and the nursing staff offered treatments such as Reiki and Reflexology to patients and it completely blew my mind to see how it helped the patients. I even completed my dissertation on the benefits of holistic therapies for palliative patients.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

 I love interacting with the people I meet. Hearing people's stories and having a connection with people. I also love to hear how much Ataraxy has helped them. Whether it is helping them feel empowered after attending a women’s circle or the downloads they receive during a Reiki treatment.

And the least if there is one?

I dislike the money side of it. I am very awkward when it comes to money. I wish I could offer these services for free.

What do you think are the main misconceptions around a holistic way of living or working with alternative therapies?

 As soon as people hear you work with crystals or oracle cards, they think it is all 'airy fairy'. However the science shows the rise in vibration of the client when you connect with them.

What do you think are the main qualities needed to work in this field?

You need to be genuine to work in this field. There are a lot more people doing this work now which is amazing, but it is so important to come from a place of pure intentions, as you are working with people holistically. Energy does not lie.

What have been the main benefits brought to your life after creating Ataraxy and now Nicola in Nature?

It encourages me to learn. Whether it is about crystals, Indian deities, the moon cycles, or the chakras. I am by no means an expert and I love that it has encouraged me to read and learn more! It has also encouraged me to be more mindful of what I am putting into my body as I learn more about natural medicines.

Your favourite treatment or therapy to receive when its your turn to relax?

My favourite treatment is Reiki Drumming. I just love the vibrations of the drum washing over my body with the healing powers of Reiki infused magic.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years’ time?

 As a nurse, I would love to be offering holistic therapies to patients. For Nicola in Nature, I hope to be offering retreats as I continue to travel.

You are currently off on a wonderful adventure in your Van around Europe, tell me what a typical day looks like for you right now?

A typical day is waking up, taking Rudy for a little walk, yoga, and writing in my journal and a cup of tea! Followed by a walk or dip in some water. I love exploring and reading my kindle, and we usually wind down on a night playing cards and having a glass of red wine (balance!).


Nicola offers a wide range of treatments and group sessions such as:


Crystal Therapy


Indian Head Massage

Sound Therapy


Women’s Circles

She will also be taking Nicola in Nature to Lindisfarne Festival offering her wonderful treatments.

Catch up with Nicola on Instagram @nicolainnature

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