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Amethyst Acupuncture and Holistics is the newest and most tranquil Acupuncture clinic in Sunderland

We are big fans of acupuncture here at DOTM so we could not wait to meet Amy and find out about the newest clinic in Sunderland. Amy is warm, welcoming, and very passionate about the treatments she provides. As well as Acupuncture we can say from experiences she gives one of the dreamiest, most relaxing massages we have ever had!

So Amy briefly, sum up Amethyst Acupuncture and Holistics?

Amethyst Acupuncture & Holistics is a safe place where you can feel heard and understood. It is a non-judgmental, warm space where you can release anything that does not serve you and begin your journey to healing. I am a multi skilled practitioner offering a range of treatments with a holistic approach. We are authentic beings and I aim to deliver authentic treatments tailored uniquely to your specific needs with your outcomes in mind.

Tell me how you got into the world of alternative therapies and holistic living?

I am lucky that it has been deep rooted in me my whole upbringing. When I was younger there was never any pharmaceutical products in the cabinets, if we were poorly my mum would start boiling up some sort of concoction. She also makes all her own face creams and oils, so I’ve always naturally been more inclined to take the natural route to healing something. My interests were then ramped up when I was twenty-one, my brother passed away and I had a lot of anxiety, this lead me on a mission to seek holistic healing to nurture my mind, body, and soul. Whilst travelling Southeast Asia I read lots of books, spoke to a lot of wise and beautiful people & experienced some amazing therapies that lead me to have what I felt was a spiritual awakening. There I found how incredible bodywork was in healing and thought ‘I’d love to do this as a career’ and help others too.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

The people! I LOVE meeting new people from all walks of life, I’ve always been a people person and just generally enjoy human interaction. I love connecting to people through touch and been able to support them on their healing journey. It’s an absolute bonus when you get positive feedback it makes all the learning and hard work worthwhile.

And the least if there is one?

Not being able to treat everyone, I have a habit of squeezing lots of people into my diary in order to help as many as possible. I also know treatments come with a price and it isn’t always affordable for everyone and so that’s why I am planning to offer an afternoon of community prices in my diary very soon so it’s more accessible for all.

What do you think are the main misconceptions around a holistic way of living or working with alternative therapies?

That it doesn’t work. In western culture we like to see results, things must fit inside a box/be 3D and sometimes the magical world of energetics isn’t that straight forward, so I think you need to have an open mind to consider alternative therapies. The great news is there is more and more quality & recent research in the form of clinical trials/studies to support how amazing holistic therapies such as Acupuncture are.

What do you think are the main qualities needed to work in this field?

Compassion, empathy, patience, and great listening skills to name a few. Half of a person’s healing is providing space where they feel heard. Now more than ever the doctors are overrun and under immense pressure and just do not have time to give people. So, patience and listening skills are really up there. And of course empathy and compassion are so important to build connection and trust to start the healing process.

What have been the main benefits brought to your life after creating Amethyst Acupuncture and holistics? 

Now that I have finished my degree I have more time to focus all my energy on Amethyst Acupuncture & Holistics. It has also meant more time to rest and replenish my energy in-between clients, so I am feeling my best to be able to treat my clients. Having this space has also meant I’m focusing more on the present moment, there’s so much value in slowing things down.

Your favourite treatment, class, or therapy to attend/receive when it’s your turn to relax?

I love my massages! I do a lot of running and massaging myself so generally hold a lot of tension in my body. Massage is my release and keeps my immune system strong. I do also love yoga, reiki & sound healing….to be honest I am open to anything that adds value to my health.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years’ time?

I generally don’t plan for the future I like to keep myself present and trust that the universe has a plan for me. However, my ultimate dream for the future is to have a retreat in the Scottish Highlands nestled amongst the trees, where you can access an array of holistic therapies under one roof and have a complete reset from the outside world.

Describe what a typical day looks like for you right now?

I like to wake up early because my morning routine is SO important to me and sets the tone for the whole day. I start the day with spoken gratitude, I then walk the dogs followed by either a run or stretch session and always finish with body tapping/somatic shaking. After a good wholesome breakfast and strong coffee, I make my way to the clinic and get to carry out treatments and meet amazing people every day. I usually finish the day with a hot lavender bath, cooking with my partner and cosying up with a book/film.

Amy offers a wide range of treatments and therapies such as:

-Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture

-Variety of massage such as deep tissue, hot stone and Indian head.

-Chinese cupping therapy

-Organic, holistic facials

Make sure you follow Amy and Amythest Acupuncture and Holistics at

@amethystacupunctureandholistics across all socials

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