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Our Story

Dark of the Moon Brand and Wellness Hub was founded by Claire Bell, Reiki Master Teacher, and Holistic Therapist.

What started as Dark of the Moon Holistic the Wellness Hub aims to be a definitive hub and go to for holistic living. So, what is holistic living? To Claire its living a more mindful existence, giving her body mind and soul what it needs and living in gratitude.

Claire found herself on this path many years ago due to infertility issues and after numerous failed IVF treatments she turned to alternative methods to help with the toll it took on her mental health. First discovering the magic of crystals and meditation Claire began to realise becoming more mindful and relaxed had a positive effect on her wellbeing. Two naturally conceived children later Claire decided to leave the NHS and retrain as a Holistic Therapist and hasn’t looked back.

Claire is trained in multiple therapies such as, crystal healing, reiki, meditation, mindfulness for children, cupping, breathwork, sound healing and aromatherapy.  

Dark of the Moon Holistic started in her kitchen making crystal candles to opening her very own Scared Space where Claire would treat clients and facilitate Women's Circles.  The Lunar Cycles are a big part of how DOTM came to be, and our name represents the positivity of the New Moon.

When Claire decided to shut the spaces doors she knew she still wanted to work with people but find a new way, a way to reach a wider audience and collaborate with other therapists, practitioners, and teachers who she respects.

So the online Hub was born, entering the digital age.  However, the face to face connection with clients was missing which led to Claire opening the doors to the Wellness Hub.  A collective community of practitioners, therapists, facilitators and teachers.

This is just the start and as we evolve we can’t wait to see our community grow.  

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